Yanmar Engine in Aichi SP14DJ

The Yanmar engine as used in the SP14DJ is equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)


In Chapter 8 of the Operation manual (page 60)
you find a explanation of the DPF, how it can be regenerated so you can do your work as usual.






LED is Flashing


Actions to be done in several stages

Make sure before performing regeneration that the engine is >60 degree Celsius or is running more then 15 minutes

  1. No action needed all system functions are okay
  2. Engine will perform regeneration during normal workconditions, higher engine rpm makes this work better (e.g. driving)
  3. Engine is not able to perform the normal reset regeneration, push the stationary regeneration switch for 3 seconds or more. Read the Ops Manual before starting this procedure.
  4. Engine turned into back-up mode, the stationary regeneration is ignored for more than 10 hours, contact your Aichi service station for help.

Be sure to execute the stationary regeneration (stage 3) when the LEDs turned on.

Ignoring this status sets the engine into the back-up mode and it will not recover to the normal condition unless Aichi service is performed.

Page 61 gives a explanation of the several levels of polution and what can be done to solve this situation.

Make sure when solving your error signals that the boom is in transport position. (fully retracted and under horiziontal)

Normally, soot collected by DPF is automatically
burnt (normal regeneration); however, in order to
prevent excessive soot deposition, the automatic
thorough combustion (reset regeneration)
should be performed at interval of 100 hours
of engine operation. When the amount of soot
deposition exceeds a specified value, and thus
cannot be reduced by a normal regeneration,
execute the DPF reset regeneration.
• Even during a reset regeneration, the machine
can be operated normally.
• During a reset regeneration, usually engine
noise is heard, idling revolution speed varies,
and abnormal exhaust gas odor (sour smell)
• Immediately after engine start in cold season,
white smoke (water vapor) may come out
from the exhaust outlet. The white smoke
will become invisible as soon as exhaust
temperature goes up.
• As soon as reset regeneration starts, the
exhaust temperature warning light comes on.
• The reset regeneration terminates
approximately 25 to 30 minutes after starting.

• During a DPF reset regeneration, the exhaust gas temperature is very high. (It goes up to 450ºC or so.)
It may cause a fire if any combustible objects are left in the vicinity of DPF or exhaust outlet. Also, there is a risk of
suffering from a burn due to the high temperature exhaust gas.

• When leaving the machine while the engine is kept running, a reset regeneration may be activated. In this case, check to ensure that no combustible object is found in the periphery of the exhaust outlet to prevent a fire.

When this occurs; call your local Aichi servicecenter and tell them the serialnumber of the machine and that the machine is in Back-up mode.