For warranty matters please contact our office in the Netherlands, Mr René den Ouden

Tel. +31 162 490000

Email René den Ouden

For German speaking countries please contact Team Liftservice & Parts

Tel. +49 511 978 101 18


For Finland please contact MN Lifttek, Service department

Tel. +358 9 8516 5820

Email service dept.

Warranty Procedure
Before a warranty claim can be submitted their must be clarence from the technical department of the importer in the Netherlands. Only when you are given a warranty claim number your warranty claim will be handled. 
After you recieved the warranty claim number be sure all your correspondence contains this number.

To achief a correct warrantyclaim below standing issues are important:
– return the broken and replaced parts to the importer in the Netherlands. 
– make pictures as many as possible to support your warranty claim.
– keep track of your labour and travel hours including the departure and arrival locations.
– hiring a third party (for instance your local blacksmith) is only allowed when permitted by the importer in the Netherlands.

A submitted warrantyclaim is to be judge at Aichi Corp. technical department in Japan.
So, having a warrantyclaimnumber is not a garanty your warrantyclaim will be granted.